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Kitchen sinks

A sink is a necessity in every kitchen, but this doesn't mean that a kitchen sink has to be plain and uninteresting. Precisely because sinks are such a focal point in the kitchen, choosing the right sink for you and your household is a crucial part of finishing your kitchen. Cofaro UK offers you plenty of kitchen sinks to choose from, so you're bound to find the right fit for your kitchen.

Choosing the type of sink that's right for you

Kitchen sinks come in many different shapes and styles. Choosing the type of sink that's the right fit for your kitchen depends on several factors. Round sinks can be a very stylish option, offering you smooth flowing lines. They are also very easy to clean, as they have no tricky corners. However, if you should require more space, then you might consider a double kitchen sink. These also offer the added benefit of being able to do two things at once. On the other hand, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, a corner sink could be just the space saving option you need. Kitchen sinks can be installed as a top mounted sink, flushmount sink or undermount sink. This depends on how much of the sink you want showing above the counter top.

Different materials used for kitchen sinks

In addition to different shapes and mounting options, sinks are also produced in various materials. Traditionally, sinks were either ceramic sinks, stone sinks such as granite sinks or metal sinks, for example copper sinks. However, stainless steel sinks have really taken over the market in recent years due to their durability and the fact that they are very easy to clean. Contemporary kitchen design uses stainless steel for many purposes, making a stainless sink a good fit for almost any modern kitchen. We also offer sinks made out of Tectonite, an innovative new material that is not only durable but also water repellent and UV resistant. And next to that, you can choose to buy either a black kitchen sink or a white sink.

Choosing a brand of sink

Cofaro proudly offers you the very best among kitchen brands. For example, our selection of Franke Sirius sinks. This brand is responsible for introducing the aforementioned material Tectonite to the world of kitchen sinks. Tectonite is a robust material that can handle intense use and is also stain resistant. Franke sinks will bring the future straight into your kitchen. Another of our most popular product categories has got to be our Blanco kitchen sinks. Blanco is synonymous with top quality design featuring graceful flowing curves. However, function is not sacrificed in the slightest – Blanco sinks make optimal use of your space due to their small radius and extra deep bowl.

Cheap sinks

Cofaro offers the UK top quality and outstanding design for every budget. We only sell top kitchen sink brands with a good price to quality ratio. We firmly believe that cheap sinks can still be good quality and well designed. So if you're looking to purchase your new kitchen sink online, don't hesitate to pursue our range of sinks. And should you have any further questions, feel free to contact our customer service.