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Kitchen bins

Sorting waste properly and keeping your kitchen tidy are top priorities. This makes kitchen waste bins that fit in with the style of your kitchen, while keeping waste sorted correctly and out of sight, a key part of your kitchen's decor. Kitchen Market strives to offer high quality kitchen goods in all price ranges. After all, a good set of kitchen bins does more than just get rid of things – they help organise and create space.

Different types of bins

Cofaro offers different types of kitchen recycling bins to help you keep your kitchen neat and organised. For example, consider our pull out waste bin systems. Cleverly camouflaged within a cabinet or drawer to keep your kitchen looking streamlined, these bins keep waste hidden and properly sorted. Our fitment systems for cabinets can be mixed and matched with various separately sold bins, that in turn can be purchased with or without lids. If you prefer a more simple, traditional free standing bin, we also offer both pedal and sensor bins. Pedal bins can be considered the most classic model, however we also carry models with two or three separate compartments to meet your recycling needs. Sensor bins offer you the same hands free ease as pedal bins, with the extra advantage of being completely automatic.

Bin sizes

Not only do we offer various different types of bins, we also offer a great variety of bin sizes. At Cofaro you can choose between 30 litre bins, 40 litre bins, 50 litre bins and even 60 litre bins. We also offer other somewhat less conventional sizes. Whatever your waste and recycling bin needs are, we strive to provide you with the ideal bin size and type. You can choose multiple same sized bins, or select varying sizes depending on your household's needs. Our options for built-in waste bins are also available in different sizes suitable for any kitchen. Waste bins are a necessity in every household, but that doesn't mean they have to be intrusive, unattractive or boring. We offer kitchen bin options that will either fit in with your kitchen decor or can be hidden away completely. Whether your kitchen is large or small, you are sure to find suitable kitchen bins here at Kitchen Market.

Affordable waste bins

When purchasing kitchen bins you will be presented with many different options. If you are looking to buy affordable waste bins online without compromising style or function, then Cofaro is the place for you. When purchasing new home goods, you want something that's cheap without looking cheap. When you buy cheap waste bins at Cofaro, you're guaranteed top notch quality. So please, if you’re looking to buy a waste bin, take a look around our selection of kitchen accessories. You won't be disappointed.